makes me wander

by erin

I've always romanticized the idea of the Road Trip.  I never really had one of these grand adventures I picture in my head - days or weeks on the road with good friends and good music, going wherever the road takes us, etc etc - and I feel a little like I missed out.  So when an airstream trailer appeared in my neighborhood, I was inspired.  I have loved airstreams since I discovered my mothership - Hey Cupcake in Austin, TX - and suddenly I NEED to take a grand road trip in one of these vintage beauties.

A few airstream photos to sate my wanderlust: 

The aforementioned Hey Cupcake. On top of being a genius idea, their cupcakes are so delicious!   
Note to self: bring cupcakes on road trip.
I love how this looks like a beat-up tin can.  Adds to the charm.
So vintage, so amazing.
Why yes, I would love to live in an airstream overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge.  When do we leave?

Wouldn't this be the perfect background for a backyard party?

 Pull an airstream with a bicycle*. The ultimate in sustainability!
*not sure if this is really possible
The airstream of today.  I love how it is modern and new while still holding onto its vintage appeal.

So who's ready for a road trip?  I'll bring the music.  And the cupcakes.


Traycina said...

Who says we can't still do an adventurous road trip? I feel like I missed out too. Let's do it!

I'll bring.... the blowdryer and hair products?

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