it's not easy being green

by erin

I've only recently made the connection that I truly am what I eat: simply stated, I look and feel as good as the food I put in my body.  Yet, like many, I much prefer cupcakes and kettle chips to carrots and broccoli.  So I've begun to find ways to sneak in those healthy fruits and veggies that will keep me healthy and happy.  One such way is the green monster.

I know, right?  It looks disgusting.  But I promise, green monsters are delicious.

my go-to green monster recipe:
1/2 frozen banana (remove peel & chop into chunks before freezing)
2 or 3 frozen strawberries
1 or 2 tsp ground flaxseed meal
1 or 2 tbsp greek or other yogurt
1 cup vanilla soy or almond milk (can use cow's milk, but I find the vanilla sweetens it up)
2 handfuls spinach (can use frozen spinach too - much cheaper!)
(Really, you can use anything you have on hand, as long as it's some combination of fruit-liquid-spinach.)
Blend and enjoy!

Aside from the health benefits of consuming all those antioxidant-rich foods, green monsters will make you look and feel amazing.  When I drink them regularly, I have more energy, my skin is clearer, my hair grows faster, and I just feel better.  So don't be afraid of the freaky green-ness and try a monster.  I promise you won't regret it.

For additional green monster recipes, check out the Green Monster Movement.


Traycina said...

Sounds delicious! Blueberries are my absolute MUST for smoothies - yum! I also like to put a little tofu in. I really love the idea of the spinach and must try immediately!

Which kind of greek yogurt do you use? And Flaxseed meal... I use just flaxseeds - is the meal just powdered?

erin louise said...

Ooh, I've never tried with tofu, but I definitely will! I use whatever kind of greek yogurt is on sale, basically. Just make sure it's 0% otherwise it'll have a lot of fat/calories, which I learned the hard way. And I have no idea about the flaxseed - I should probably do a little research ;)

Laura Ivanova said...

I tried this last night- it was fabulous! I think I am now addicted to Green Monsters!

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