lemon love

by erin

I've always loved anything made of or resembling a lemon.  

From lemon cake with lemon frosting at every birthday, to my lemon yellow sweater in my first grade school picture, to lemon sorbet, lemon meringue pie, frozen lemonade, and lemon cupcakes, I could never get enough.  As I'm sitting here on the tail end of yet another Minnesota blizzard and feeling like winter will never EVER end, I thought a few pictures of lemony goodness might help get me out of these eternal winter blahs.

Here are some lemony things that I love.

lemon cupcakes (weheartit)

yellow tote (etsy seller bayanhippo)

lemon drops (photo by me) 

yellow cardigan (anthropologie

lemon meringue pie (weheartit)

lemon ricotta hotcakes from Hell's Kitchen (Duluth News Tribune)

lemon bobby pins (etsy seller carneen)

and the best for last...this perfect yellow coat (anthropologie)

here's to springtime...


Kate said...

And...Lemon Creme Chalet Girl Scout Cookies! (On their way to you in two short weeks...) :)

SMorriso said...

I tried to make Lemon bread with a glaze. FAIL. Too much cardamom makes it all gross. I'll wear my lemon yellow sweater soon and think of you. ;)

alyssawajoshywa said...

I love yellow too. Good choices.

JBF said...

i highly suggest the lemon pound cake at Good Earth (warmed up, of course). :)

melissa oholendt said...

I must be feeling the lemon love too - recently bought a yellow sweater and made a lemon cake. LONGING for spring, I guess.

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